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Well hello there!!! I am Jamie, and I will be you're guide on this magical journey around my website!!! Incase you are wondering this site is pretty much all based around anime stuff so if you dont like that stuff then get the hell out of here!!!!!! Yet if you do, then you are my new best friend!!!!! anyways onto the website content!

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12-25-03 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Up~date! I put a more detailed reason to why I think the songs would go with the anime, in the "Soundtracks" (not all of them however -_- I hoped to get more finished but ran outta time...). Just click on the title and it will take you to the songs lyrics and the more detailed reasons! I also added that to the Naruto soundtrack, as well as an Evangelion section. I had always wanted to do this update for quite a while, but never found the time. Until now! Now for some big news. I have accually added to "Grand ol' REF times" OMG!!! can you believe it!!! But I'm not done there, just look down and you will see I now have a site meter! I have 2 new script posted up as well (there all quite long 0.o). Minor details in the About Me "Favorites" and  a new RPL fic is up! One new link, three new shopping links. There is a new section in "The good the bad and the anime" page. It's about great older animes!^_^ can't forget about our forefathers! "Janna" was added to the RPLcharacter list, and minor details were made in all the About me sections, including a new quiz page! Thats all for now, happy holidays!

Lmao look at Arashi!

                          Merry X-mas!
                   (hee hee I'm so clever!)

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I dont own any of the Dragonball Z, X/1999, Trigun or any other animes that are on this website. They are all properties of their creators! (But it would be cool if I did own them! ^_^)
Any fanfic I have written is MY property and may only be used if you email me and ask for permission to use it and link me back!